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Developer & Designer based out of Valdosta, Ga

Hi, I'm Andrew Harper, a Front-End Web Developer based in the States! I'm an enthusiast with a passion for helping people who enjoys incorporating my interests in education, music, and design with my coding skills. My experience with programming has been a constant journey since I was a kid. I remember I used to disassemble my family's old computers and be in awe of all the parts that were used to make it work. As a kid, I was never able to put them back together, but eventually that curiosity turned into a hobby of building computers which then turned into an interest to code. It wasn't until my early to mid twenties that I would learn how to code and realize how much I enjoyed it while I was pursing a degree in education. Since then, I've been learning javaScript and React and anything that peeks my interest. I have recently completed FreeCodeCamp's javaScript Bootcamp, MIT's CS50, and I am currently taking other self-taught classes to keep improving my skills to continue in my aspiration to be the best programmer I can be. I'm seeking a remote role where I can help a team achieve their goals. My passion in coding is to one day create fun interactive educational resources for all people!

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I write monthly technical blog posts at HarpCode about various technical topics. Writing a blog helps me freshen up on my technical writing skills as well as fortify my learning of a topic. If you haven't made a blog or created content, I suggest finding a some sort of content creation to log your learning. It also is a great way to see how far you have developed!